Sword & Sorcery.


Beasts & Barbarians: Our Sword and Sorcery Savage Worlds adventures are chronicled here.

Welcome to the Dreadlands!

We play Pirates of the Dominions! Recently a Pirate book was made! Check it out here:
Pirates of the Dominions.

As of Aug 2016 we are on hiatus and playing Savage Rifts and Deadlands (we shall return to Beasts and Barbarians, later in the year).

I can not stress to you enough how well these BnB books are written!

I will be running a one off (one time event) of BnB at http://www.conquestavalon.com/ this year (Nov.2016). The other one off I run will be Deadlands: Reloaded.


Dread Sea Dominions

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