Dread Sea Dominions

Day 4: Pirates?

Day Four unfolds with the Party investigating the loot in the crevasse.

Gold and gems located….
Weapons found…
More….all of it is carried to the beach by the party and the 160 freed slaves ect.

It is learned that your pirate ships were stolen!

Captain Reth Savage of the Centennial Raven knows some interesting details about: Nal Sagath, Nal Nomantor and the Pain Fens. Your crew and ships are in Nal Nomantor.

To find a secret passage into the city you all head to Nal Sagath to talk to the chief Beast Man. While there you go on a rescue mission to save the chiefs daughter.

Leaving the Caldera you head for the beach – ships and crew are gone!

In the Pain Fens you head to the City Nal Sagath.

Ultimate destination: Nal Nomantor.


Deep below Sagath you rescue the Beast Man Chiefs daughter!



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